Demio Vs WebinarJam: Which webinar tool should you use in 2024?

Demio Vs WebinarJam Quick Summary

Here’s the quick run-down for busy entrepreneurs.

Demio offers a more feature-rich and better-designed product. It has more styles of webinars including live webinars as well as several recorded varieties. The set-up wizard is very user friendly and the platform integrates with autoresponders and 3rd party auto-responders & landing page builders.

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WebinarJam is still a very solid option. It is an excellent live webinar software with all the tools to successfully support your business needs. If the price is your main requirement then WebinarJam offers more attendees at a lower price point compared to Demio.

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Webinar host download softwareNoNo
User download softwareNoNo
Duplicate successful funnelsYesYes
Support many devices for usersYesYes
Automated recording & ReplaysYesYes
HD video and audioYesYes
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Ease of Setup & Basic options

Setting up your first webinar

Let’s start at the beginning, your first webinar setup.

WebinarJam has a user-friendly horizontal wizard that walks you through each stage of the process. Once you’ve completed one section, you’re automatically taken to the next. If you leave, then be sure to click through to the end and save, otherwise, your progress will be lost.

Demio also has a user-friendly interface, however, this is vertical and all on one page, you can jump between different stages of set up easily if you forget something. It is super smooth to click between each section and easy to navigate.

Types of webinars

Are you the type of marketer that wants to go live once and move on to the next project?

Or do you like to get the most out of each piece of content?

WebinarJam is only for live webinars, so will suit you perfectly if you’re person one. Though all webinars are automatically saved and you can use their sister company Everwebinar for on-demand webinars.

If you’re the second kind of person, then Demio offers a variety of different webinar options.

  • Live webinars
  • Automated webinars with pre-recorded video
  • Series webinars – a series of live webinars
  • Hybrid webinars – these are recorded webinars, where you join the chat live.

Presenting & Audience Engagement

Different screen sharing options (slides, webcam, etc )

WebinarJam gives you the ability to present in many different ways, you can:

  • Go live with just yourself on your webcam
  • Present your slides from directly within WebinarJam,
  • Share your screen
  • Inject videos,
  • Use the whiteboard feature

You can opt to have your webcam shown or not across all options. As well as being able to move the webcam video across the screen.

Demio offers similar functionality including:

  • Screen sharing,
  • Present your slides from within the application and
  • Injecting videos

However, there is no whiteboard functionality inside Demio.

Additionally, there is only one space on the screen for your webcam video – pinned to the top of the presentation.

What if I want to invite users to the stage?

A very interesting functionality is inviting the audience to the stage. I love this functionality. Fortunately, both offer this capability.

Attendee Experience

By far the most important factor of any successful webinar is the user experience of your audience. I covered the most obvious points in the table at the beginning. So I’m going to look at two other very important points.

Is there a delay in video streaming?

WebinarJam does have a very slight delay. For the most part, it will be unrecognizable, but it is there so it’s worth highlighting

Demio on the other hand has cloud data centers across the world so there is no delay. This is perfect for presenters and attendees who aren’t based in the USA, as these would normally add a delay.

Is there a waiting screen before the webinar?

The last thing you want is for participants to be unsure when the webinar will actually start. Luckily, both platforms offer a waiting screen before the webinar goes live. Both have the option of a countdown timer to make it extra clear.

Will participants automatically get sent the recording after the webinar?

Both platforms will automatically send all registrants a link to the replay recording if you set it up in the platform autoresponder.

Webinar registration and funnel pages

If someone runs a webinar but no one shows, did it even happen?

Registration pages

When it comes to registration pages, Demio offers one template shown below.

Demio Landing page

You’ll find it simple to take your copy and spin up a page in no time at all. The layout is pre-set with a countdown timer.

If you want to make your landing pages customized to suit your brand style then you may be disappointed. In favor of making the pages simple, Demio has limited your ability to create a personalized layout. But this does mean that you’ll be up and running quickly with lightning-fast pages.

On Demio registration pages you can Customize:

  • Your headline
  • Your subheadline
  • Your webinar description
  • Add a sales video (optional)
  • Change your background to your branded colors
  • Add a featured image
  • Add your logo.

When it comes to forms, Demio comes with the standard form options such as Name, and Email pre-populated. But it also has more advanced features.

For example, you can create your own custom fields for more detailed attendee information such as asking the users their job title. Or you can customize the field name to require a work email.

One feature that I appreciate is that Demio will automatically validate the email a prospect enters. If it is a fake email then the software will flag this and prevent it from being submitted. This is excellent for reducing spammers.


WebinarJam offers many different registration templates. This lets you pick one that suits your brand and offer. All come with historical conversion rates so you can be confident that you’ll get people registering.

Depending on the template you pick you can edit:

  • Your headline
  • Your webinar description
  • Some offer video embeds
  • Change your background to your branded colors or an image
  • Add a featured image
  • Add your logo.
  • Add or remove the countdown timer

For WebinarJam’s forms, there isn’t as much that you can change. You cannot create custom field names or add a variety of different questions. You’re limited to name, email, and phone number.

Can attendees add the event to their calendar?

Demio – yes attendees can add the event to their calendar from the thank you page. This has a big impact on show rates so is a valuable addition. WebinarJam does not offer this.

Can you connect a landing page builder?

Demio makes it incredibly easy to integrate your webinars with an external landing page tool. As long as it lets you embed custom html.

All of the most popular landing page builders let you do this, including Clickfunnels, Unbounce, Leadpages, and Instapage.

But first, you need to customize the form which you’ll find in the forms part of the creation Wizard.

In this regard, Demio offers a lot of customization. You can choose which fields you require attendees to fill in, create custom fields for more specific questions and edit the styling. You need to do this within Demio as the landing page builder you’re using with inherit the styling.

Once you’re done, all you need to do is grab your embed code. Take this and paste it into the html embed in your landing page.

WebinarJam has a similar solution for integrating with external landing pages. But with WebinarJam, you only need to embed a button. Not a full form.

You cannot edit the styling of the button within the tool as it is just a basic html button with a script that looks like this:

<button type=”button” data-webinarHash=”XXXX” style=”background-color:#000000; color:#ffffff;”>Register</button>

<script src=””></script>

You’ll need to style it yourself with some basic html and CSS to match your branding. Which if you’re not very technical may be either a challenge or just a bit of a nuisance.

Who wins?

Demio is the clear winner when it comes to being able to create custom form fields and integrate with external landing pages. The forms give you better choice when it comes to attendee data. And the ability to customize the styling of forms and easily embed in 3rd party landing pages is excellent.

WebinarJam wins when it comes to the variety of landing page layouts and possibilities for customization. Most brands I’ve worked with like to keep the styling of pages “on-brand” and WebinarJam gives a strong ability to create this.

Email automation

Does each platform have inbuilt email marketing abilities?

When looking for a webinar software tool, I recommend that you choose one with built-in automatic notifications. It makes setting up and running a webinar much smoother and has fewer dependencies.  When comparing Demio vs WebinarJam it’s great to see both have this.

Let’s look at how both work.

Demio has a very simplistic approach to email marketing, but a very attractive tool to set up your notifications.

The platform comes loaded with a five email sequence which is handy to get you started. For the most part, it is already populated with everything you’d need to update attendees.

If you want to personalize the copy then you’ll find a text editor ready to use. Though you’re only able to edit part of each email. The pre-populated sections are not editable.

Demio webinar email notifications

You may be a bit disappointed if you want to create completely custom emails. But for most marketers and especially non-marketing business owners, it is enough that it gets out of your way and speeds everything up.

After all, this is not the most impactful part of the funnel.

WebinarJam has a less attractive email editor, but it comes with far more customization.

Like Demio, WebinarJam comes pre-loaded with a full sequence of emails. However, everything within the email can be edited. So you aren’t limited to what the webinar hosting solution thinks works well.

This is great if you want to create a personalized experience that doesn’t feel like a standard email autoresponder sequence.

If you want to take more control of your communication and own customer data then you’re going to want to connect your own email marketing solution.

Demio integrates directly with:

  • Active campaign
  • Aweber
  • ConvertKit
  • Drip
  • Get Response
  • Infusionsoft
  • Ontraport
  • Mailchimp
  • Market Hero
  • Marketo (Only on business)

WebinarJam actually has two different ways that you can integrate with your email service:

Firstly, the standard email autoresponders:

  • Aweber
  • Active Campaign
  • Constant Contact
  • ConvertKit
  • Drip
  • GetResponse
  • iContact
  • InfusionSoft / Keep
  • MailChimp
  • Maropost
  • OntraPort

Secondly, with WebinarJam you can actually integrate via SMTP with your transactional email providers including:

  • Sendgrid
  • Mailgun
  • Postmark

Both also have extensive Zapier integrations to connect with 1000s more apps.

3rd Party Integrations

Insert pixels, GTM, Analytics

Demio makes it easy to connect your  Facebook and google pixel for remarketing

WebinarJam supported it but is more difficult to setup.

Reporting and analytics

Track attendees vs registrations

In this section of the Demio vs WebinarJam comparison, I’ll comment on them together. There just isn’t a lot of differentiation when it comes to reporting with Webinars.

Both tools give you the possibility of measuring:

  • Attendance rates
  • Average time watched
  • Statistics on when people joined and left

The one big differentiator between them is a cool feature that Demio has. Demio can also measure whey they called “focused” time. This is when an attendee has the browser tab with the webinar open. If the attendee switches tabs and is no longer watching then Demio can report on this.



Demio offers very solid support across all plans via email and live chat. Their standard support is available 24/7 and has a response time of 1 hour. While their more expensive plans offer Priority Support with a 10 minute response time.

Demio also has a team on hand for one-on-one onboarding calls to get you up to speed quickly.

WebinarJam has never let me down when it comes to support. They have a knowledgeable team and are reachable via email. But you can expect up to a 24 hour wait time for a response.


For the sake of an easy comparison, I’ll compare both software tools based on their yearly plans, as WebinarJam only offers this. Demio offers both monthly and yearly plans.

  • Demio starter is $408 per year ($34/month) for 50 attendees and only live webinars.
  • The growth plan is $828 per year ($69/month) for 150 attendees and has automated webinars, custom form fields, and no branding in emails.
  • The Business plan comes in at $1956 per year ($163/month) for 500 attendees. At this level, you also get a dedicated account manager and 10-minute priority support.

If you want a bigger room then you can also speak to sales. But they do have a hard cap at 1000 attendees per webinar. There is a 14-day trial for you to try it out first.

WebinarJam has three different tiers of pricing:

  • The Basic plan is $499 per year ($42/month) for 500 attendees and 2 presenters.
  • The Professional plan is $699 per year ($59/month) for 2000 attendees and 4 presenters. You also have an always-on webinar option and a panic button to automatically move your webinar to a new room if you have a technical glitch.
  • Finally, the Enterprise plan is $999 per year ($83/month) for up to 5000 live attendees, 6 presenters, all professional features, and a control room to manage the webinar from.

WebinarJam offers a 30 day trial for $1 that you can get here.

It’s pretty clear to see that WebinarJam is the cheaper option in absolute price as well as the number of seats.

However, Demio offers a lot more functionality and shouldn’t be directly compared. For example, Demio includes automated webinars that effectively have limitless capacity and scalability. As well as limiting the need for extra resources spent on turning your live webinar into one which is evergreen.

Already a customer and thinking of switching webinar software?

Here are what you’ll appreciate about each webinar tool.

I currently use Demio and thinking to switch to WebinarJam:

  • More webinar attendees
  • A lower overall monthly cost

I currently use WebinarJam and want to switch to Demio:

  • Different types of webinars, specifically automated and on-demand webinars
  • A more modern and smoother software
  • More customization in your forms and better embed options

Demio vs WebinarJam conclusion

Without a doubt, both are world-class webinar platforms.

You should pick Demio if you want:

  • A variety of different webinar formats – live, on-demand, automated, and series
  • A high-quality software that is well designed and incredible user friendly

You should pick WebinarJam if you want:

  • A cost-effective but powerful webinar software
  • More than 1000 attendees per webinar