Recommended Digital Marketing Tools


Keyword Research


No Keyword tool has perfect data, we all know that. 

But Ahrefs is my favourite and most trusted tool for keyword research. I use it to find new keywords, check the competition and build lists to add to my content calendar.   

There really isn’t a tool that can compete with it. Get a 7 day trial for only $7.

Content Optimisation

Are you one of those people who ask questions like “how many words does the average first result in Google have? 

Well then step into the 21st Century my friend, and check out Surfer SEO.

Surfer analyses the current top search results for your selected keywords. I use it to see exactly what factors are impacting that exact search result so I can optimize my content for better results. 

All SEO’s should be doing this in 2019.

Ranking Tracking

I’m not a big believer in checking your rankings every day. I like to spend my time doing productive work. 

But you’ve got to measure that work somehow. 

I use Accuranker mostly because Nat Eliason said he does. And hey, he knows more about content marketing than me. 

It’s Accurate, and the best out there in my opinion. Try it out with a free 14 day trial.

Page Builder


As you can probably tell… I’m not a web developer. Or designer. But I don’t think this website looks that bad?

I built it using Elementor.

So, if you’re like me and you’ve started a free web development course but given up… This tool is for you.




Outreach for backlinks in guest posts and niche edits can be an absolute ballache. But it’s part of the game, so you’ve got to do it… I use woodpecker to streamline the whole process and make following up easy.


Another boring part of linkbuilding. Scraping the email addresses of webmasters and blog owners. Hunter makes it easy to  find and export email addresses for outreach… in a GDPR friendly way.


Hosting shmosting. Who really cares about hosting?

I’ll make it quick. I use Siteground because… well I didn’t know any better when I started out. 

I still use them now because (lucky for me!) they’re really good for basic shared hosting. Super simple to use, lots of explainers if you’re lost and need to Google something. 

Also, they give free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates and basic Cloudflare CDN.

If you have a small site, you won’t find better for the same $.