16 Actionable Post Webinar Survey Questions to Ask

So you’ve held you’re webinar. Great work! But that’s not where the conversation should stop. It’s time to get feedback and insights from your webinar attendees. After all, how will you optimize future webinars if you don’t know how this one went?
How do you do that?
With a post-event survey of course!
We’re going to cover X post webinar survey questions that you need to ask.
But first…

Why you should do a post-webinar survey?


Find out how the event went

The key learning that you want from your survey is to understand how it went. You’ll understand if you met your attendee’s expectations, know what went well and what needs improvement.

Optimize future events

The information you gather is invaluable for future events. Whether it is positive or negative doesn’t matter. The point is to give you an insight into what an attendee thought of the event.

Uncover content ideas

Surveys are a great way to understand where your webinar topic could be more thorough. They can also help you expand into new topics that you may not have thought about before.

Generate Social Proof

Positive reviews are a great way to show that your webinars are worth taking part in for future events. You can use the feedback in your webinar landing pages as testimonials to get them to sign up.

Webinar survey best practices


Ask specific but open-ended questions

Don’t ask questions about broad concepts or ideas. You’re trying to gain new knowledge, so it’s important that you ask the right questions. Generalities won’t arm you with the detail that can help improve your next live event.

Ask clear questions

Don’t make your respondents guess what you mean by being general. Ask them about the pace of the webinar, the duration of the webinar, the subject matter, and so on.

Use several specific questions rather than one broad question

It’s better to be specific than general. Ask how was the registration process? Or, did the webinar platform work fine in their web browser? This granularity is more helpful than did everything work okay?

What types of questions should you include in your webinar survey?


Post webinar NPS survey


Your survey should generate a variety of different feedback to assess satisfaction. To do this, you need a variety of different styles of questions.

Yes/No or single-choice questions

You should use these when you’re trying to understand two things:
  • A high-level answer about the webinar
  • Confirm or refute a hypothesis that you are testing.


Multiple-choice questions

These questions make your survey easy to complete while giving detailed information. Be sure to leave an “other” option to capture answers you may not have thought about.

Scale questions

Reserve these for asking the net promoter score of attendees.

Open-Ended questions

This is where the real insights hide. Attendees can provide unique insight into their motivations or missing content without limits.

Post webinar survey questions examples


webinar survey open question


Attendee satisfaction questions

  • How likely are you to recommend our webinar on a scale of 1 to 10?
  • What did you enjoy most about the webinar?
  • How was the pace of the webinar?

General questions about the online event

  • Why did you attend our webinar?
  • Was the webinar useful?
  • Was the event structured well?
  • How was the pace of the webinar?
  • Do you plan to attend another event in the future?

Questions about the webinar content, format, presenters and speakers

  • Did the webinar improve your {subject of webinar} skills?
  • How would you rate the speakers?
  • What was your biggest takeaway?
  • Are there any topics you’d like us to cover in future events?
  • What can we improve on?

Technical questions

  • Were you able to join the event easily?
  • Did you experience any technical issues?
  • How was the audio quality?
  • How was the video quality?


How do you send your post-event survey?

Most webinar platforms will include some form of automated email follow-up email system. This is the perfect tool for you to use to send your post-event survey.
You should aim to send this survey within 2 hours of the webinar so that it is still fresh in the mind of your audience. Not only that, but it will get the best response rates in this timeframe.
Write a short thank you email, with the webinar replay and make a polite request for feedback. You can then embed the post-webinar survey URL in a button at the bottom of the email.
Then fire away!

Questionnaire Tools for surveys

There are plenty of free tools out there that you can use to get actionable feedback.
I recommend one of the following:
  • Google Forms (always free)
  • Typeform (free version up to 100 responses per month)
  • Surveymonkey (free version – up to 100 responses per survey) and they have a survey template you can edit to fit your webinar too!

Wrapping it up

Post webinar surveys are an essential step in your webinar funnel and you shouldn’t for them. But asking any questions won’t give you the insight you need to improve. Create a process, use the post webinar survey questions from this guide and send it out.
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