WebinarJam 60 day trial in 2020?

WebinarJam 60 day trial
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Editors comment: WebinarJam no longer offers the 60 day trial in 2020.


They now have a 14 day trial with an extra 30-day money-back guarantee.


That means you get 44 days to try out webinars.


Click here to go straight to the free trial page.

Webinarjam pricing 2020

So what happened to the WebinarJam 60 day trial?


Earlier in 2020 WebinarJam completely revamped the platform and launched the new and improved WebinarJam 4.0.


The platform was already an excellent product. (Check my full WebinarJam Review). 


But they still rebuilt it from the ground up to improve existing features and add several new ones too! 


When they did this they were so confident that people would love it that they didn’t need such a long trial to get value out of it.


Improved features


  • Improved quality and faster streaming for a better viewing experience


  • Reduced live delay for better interaction and engagement with attendees


  • Optimized for every device, including mobile making webinars easier to attend


  • Improved system stability for stress-free presentations


Plus they added several awesome new features like:


Live connection reporting, so you always know if you have a good, bad, or great connection. 


Right Now Webinars for hopping on a quick call to make a presentation at a moment’s notice


What they’re calling the “Oh Crap Panic Button”. This transports your webinar into a brand new room in less than 15 seconds. So you can present without stressing over any technical issues. 


How to get started


  1. Click here to go to the free trial page (it’s hidden if you go directly to the site)
  2. Select the plan size that works best for you 
  3. Create your account to get setup
  4. Start creating your first webinar!
WebinarJam 60 day trial