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GoToWebinar Alternatives

Looking for alternatives to GoToWebinar?

There are many alternatives out there and I get it…

It’s hard to find a webinar software that is high quality, easy to use and doesn’t break the bank.

So I’m going to show you the best GoToWebinar alternatives on the market.

To do that, let’s look at what GoToWebinar offers.

GoToWebinar is one of the biggest webinar software providers on the market. It is a trustworthy stalwart and a simple product to use. Many of the biggest companies around the world use it, and it has a wide range of capabilities and integrations to push data to.

Key features include:

  • An enterprise grade software platform
  • Integrations with leading CRM and marketing automation platforms like Salesforce, Marketo and Hubspot
  • Simple analytics and reporting on attendee sources, attendance and engagement

However, there are areas where it could improve. The registration pages lack customization, the no-download option for attendees is limited to more expensive plans and the software is certainly dated.

Best alternatives to GoToWebinar

  • WebinarJam
  • ClickMeeting
  • EverWebinar
  • LiveStorm
  • Zoom
  • Cisco Webex
  • GoToMeeting

Alternatives to GoToWebinar

My pick


WebinarJam is a full-featured live webinar software that is the best on the market right now. It’s used by over 30,000 businesses and I’ve used it extensively to run webinars. It is simple to use, reliable and has a host of features to make your webinars engaging. You can manage the whole marketing flow from the landing pages to email automation within the tool. It also has a host of features to convert videos into customers during the webinar.

Compared with GoToWebinar

  • Cheaper plans and longer trial period
  • No download for hosts or attendees - everything is browser bases
  • Customizable and attractive registration page templates
  • HD quality video, reliable and simple to use software
  • Some users have reported experiencing a slight delay in video and sound

My Verdict

WebinarJam is a fantastic platform for serious marketers who want to create high quality and engaging webinars for a cost effective price.

Once you’ve setup your webinar, you need only focus on creating an engaging experience for attendees. The software does everything else!



ClickMeeting is a perfect webinar tool if you’re looking to teach or train your audience with enterprise features for a small to medium business. ClickMeeting lets you integrate with CRM’s and install analytics, tag manager and Facebook Pixel codes on your pages on the cheapest plans!

compared with GoToWebinar

  • Embed custom marketing pixels such as Facebook and Google on registration pages
  • HD quality live, ondemand and automated webinars in one platform
  • Embedding webinars available on all plans
  • Automatic follow up emails only available on most expensive plan
  • Attendees need good internet to avoid buffering

My Verdict

ClickMeeting is a great webinar software for small and medium businesses. It has all the neccessary functionality for data-driven marketers who want to embed marketing tags. Though you will want to use your marketing automation software to send reminders and follow ups.




EverWebinar is an automated webinar software that makes it easy to repurpose a webinar recording and turn it into an evergreen webinar. It is the sister company of WebinarJam which makes it easy to transfer recordings with a click. If you’re looking to run automated webinars, then this is a fantastic choice. A friend of mine uses EverWebinar to run automated webinars that generate him $50,000 per year relatively passively!

compared with GoToWebinar

  • HD quality automated webinars
  • Drive leads 24/7 with evergreen webinars
  • Only for automated webinars and not for live presentations

My Verdict

If you’re tired of putting all that effort into a one off show but want to drive leads while you sleep then EverWebinar is a reliable and quality software that can do just that! It’s proven to be a fantastic solution to run Evergreen sales funnels that turns leads into customers.



LiveStorm is a solid webinar tool with enterprise features that takes quality product and security seriously. The software gets out of your way so you can focus on creating quality content, not on all the things behind the scenes. Whether you’re sharing your screen, or presenting it is reliable enough to run seamlessly. While it offers a lot of personalization features both during the webinar as well as in your automated emails.

compared with GoToWebinar

  • Embed forms on your own landing pages
  • Filter out private emails and moderate webinar attendees
  • Integrate marketing pixels into landing pages
  • No plans for 1000+ attendees
  • Plans are more pricey due to enterprise features

My Verdict

LiveStorm is trusted by some pretty successful companies to make them look good and create a quality webinars. They understand our struggle when it comes to sending personalised messaging and delivering high quality leads. Best for growing businesses who want to run visually stunning webinars.



Zoom is fast becoming a verb for talking, presenting, and connecting over the internet via video. It offers high quality sound and video with the ability to record locally – which definitely improves the quality of recordings. 

compared with GoToWebinar

  • No latency HD quality sound and video
  • Records locally to preserve quality
  • Recent issues with privacy and security
  • Must download software to host events

My Verdict

Zoom is an excellent alternative for any form of web conferencing. Especially when it’s become so common to use. However, there have been known security breaches and it is definitely better suited better towards meetings and hangouts than webinars.


Cisco Webex

Webex is a cloudbased conferencing platform provided by Cisco. It powers the web conferencing of large enterprises across the world. In my opinion, there’s a key difference here. GoToWebinar is a webinar software. Whereas Webex is primarily for videoconferencing. Without a doubt it offers HD video and audio but I’d say it’s better catered to internal use which is primarly what large enterprises use it for.

Cisco Webex
compared with GoToWebinar

  • Very secure cloud based platform
  • Excellent for internal meetings
  • Lacks advanced webinar features and is more of a webconferencing software
  • A more advanced solution than most businesses would need

My Verdict

Webex is a heavy duty cloud platform for serious enterprises. Unless you’ve running massive webinars, generally this tool is best for businesses investing a lot in web-conferencing across many geographies.



BrightTalk is a combination of webcast platform and distribution network. As a host you can choose to host and promote to just your own audiences and channels or pay to distribute it into the network.

compared with Demio

  • Great for web-conferencing with a small audience if you
  • Cheaper solution for smaller meetings
  • Lacks webinar features such as polls and registration forms
  • Smaller limit on attendees, max 250 attendees

My Verdict

GoToMeeting offers the same quality sound and video but without the advanced webinar features like registration forms, and live webinar . If you’re goal is to run webinars for small groups and you can handle all the extra work setting up automations through email then it could be a good lightweight solution.



BrightTalk is a combination of webcast platform and distribution network. As a host you can choose to host and promote to just your own audiences and channels or pay to distribute it into the network.

compared with Demio

  • Large distribution network to easily promote webinars
  • Solution is focussed more heavily on distribution than the software product

My Verdict

BrightTalk is a workable solution for businesses with a small audience who value distribution as the sole ambition over software and building an audience.