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In this article, we’re going head to head between two top webinar platforms – Zoom vs WebinarJam. 


I’ve used both recently and will be sharing with you my comparison between each webinar tool, the pros and cons of each and which I recommend. 


If you’re here searching for webinar software, then you’re off to a great start!


It means that you’ve discovered just how powerful webinars are! In fact, the average webinar gets over 148 attendees. That’s a highly engaged audience ripe for marketing to!


Keep reading to see which software vendor is best for your business need.


Comparing zoom vs WebinarJam


WebinarJam pricing

zoom webinar pricing

Both WebinarJam and Zoom start at about the same entry-level price. However, the difference between each is the pricing model.


Zoom charges a monthly fee based on the number of hosts as well as participants. You can get up to 100 webinar attendees and a single host for $40 per month. But they do also offer a free plan, so you can test it out first.


WebinarJam costs $479 annually which works out to $39.9 per month. But for this price, you get three hosts and 500 attendees.


WebinarJam offers the most bang for your buck in terms of pricing as Zoom is capped at 100 attendees. 


Setting up your first webinar

Ease of setup

WebinarJam setup configuration

setting up a zoom webinar

It’s pretty clear to see when setting up a webinar in each tool exactly what they are optimizing for.


Zoom clearly wants you to get up and running as fast as possible. The webinar setup is just a one-page form without a lot of additional features to setup.


WebinarJam has created its webinar configuration with a host of features. You can set up the whole funnel in one wizard including polls, email automation, as well as connecting integrations.


This may seem a bit more complicated at first. But you don’t have to use all of these features right away… I sure didn’t. But once you’re comfortable you can start adding them in, and the extra features make a big difference.


Webinar registration pages

webinarjam registration page examples

zoom landing page example

Both tools offer basic registration page templates. Zoom lets you add your logo to the page, but it isn’t customizable beyond that.


WebinarJam gives you the choice of landing pages, that they test themselves to see how good they are. You can customize them to a degree, by changing fonts and colors. But not much more than than. 


One great feature of WebinarJam is that it lets you use your own landing page solution as the registration page. 


This is great as you wouldn’t really want to send paid traffic to the landing pages provided by either tool.


Attending the webinar


The core of any webinar is getting people to show up and a solid webinar software should help this process… not hinder it.


WebinarJam makes this easy as it is completely web-based for attendees. All you need to do to attend is click the link and log-in.


Zoom, unfortunately, requires that attendees download their software to join. This can be a nuisance to people who don’t already have the software installed and can negatively impact your attendance rates.


Audience participation


One of the big differentiators between a webinar and a webcast or even a youtube video is the audience participation. 


WebinJam comes with a host of features to get users to interact.  Attendees can chat, answer polls & surveys, receive files from the host as well as even be invited to host for a time! 


Though Zoom was originally a meeting tool, their webinar solution is just as full-featured. 


Either tool will give you the tools you need to keep your audience engaged.


Video and audio quality (Recorded and live)

Technical issues are a constant worry when hosting any live event, so you need a tool that is reliable and gives a great experience to users.


Zoom built their meeting business on excelling in this area. Whether as a host or attendee I’ve always been impressed with just how good the quality of both the video and audio is. This is due to the video being recorded locally on your machine meaning you get crisp video and quality storage.


WebinarJam has struggled in this area in the past due to compressing the video to stream to Youtube Live as well as because of the bandwidth requirements needed to stream live. However, I’ve been impressed at the changes in the product as they moved from only streaming through YoutubeLive into their own environment. The quality isn’t as high as Zoom but it is definitely good enough!




All of us use different software that needs to work in sync together, so it’s important that your webinar software plays nice with them. Both tools have native inbuilt integrations with the likes of email autoresponders.


Zoom’s integrations focus more on the enterprise level, including Salesforce and Marketo. While WebinarJam has a host of email tools such as Drip and Clickfunnels.


Both also have integrations via Zapier and a host of third-party software is available to connect with. I found it especially useful to be able to integrate with my CRM Hubspot, as I prefer to manage attendees in a CRM.


Analytics and reporting

Ever heard the saying “if you can measure it, you can manage it” well this is vital for webinars. WebinarJam excels in this area, with a dashboard showing you:


  •  exactly how many registration page views you got, 
  • how many registered, 
  • who showed up, 
  • when, 
  • and how long they stayed for. 


This is on top of showing you how many sales you got as a result!


Zoom, however, falls down dreadfully here. It doesn’t really provide a lot of details and makes it very difficult to access the information you want.


WebinarJam vs Zoom in a nutshell

Zoom is built really well for online meetings and conferences, while WebinarJam is custom-built for webinars as a marketing channel. WebinarJam is packed with features like polls and offers to engage your audience engagement and that makes selling online easier. Zoom, on the other hand, is simple to set up and has fantastic quality audio and visual quality.


Overall which is best?

If you’re looking for a full-featured webinar solution then WebinarJam is mine and many other customers go-to webinar software. It has all the features you could need and then even more on top. However, if you don’t want to sacrifice on video and audio quality, and have large budgets then Zoom is a great solution. Though it will require a bit more work on your part to make the registration pages more attractive.

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